This study falls within the descriptive studies

This study falls within the descriptive studies, which aims to identify and detect the type of
relationship between the burnout level and pattern of behavior (A-B) of the personality of a
civil security men in ministry of education in Kuwait state, where the research sample core was estimated at: 55 professorby28%selectedrandomly 30 of them with the pattern (A), and 25 with the pattern (B).
The study focused on the situation following questions:
– What is the level of burnout year the of civil security men ?

– What Variety relationship between burnout and behavioral pattern of the character (A, B)
for professors civil security men ?
It was relying on the following research Alawat: personal style scale design: scale burnout
design: Maslach and scale personal style design: Portnr Bortner, and calculate averages
and Pearson coefficient and standard deviation
The study concluded the following results:
There is a moderate level in the burnout civil security men .
– check the second hypothesis which there is a direct correlation between burnout and style behavioral level (A) and an inverse relationship between burnout and style behavioral level(B)

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